Peace for Love?

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Love is a very personal subject matter to us all, for various reasons. Some curse its name, while others long for its shelter. Growing up and looking around me, I’ve seen some of the most beautiful and disastrous relationships there could be. All for the name and the sake of love. So it always causes me to question:

Are you sacrificing peace for Love? If not, then what exactly are you sacrificing? Is it worth it?

When you’re young, sometimes you can be reckless. A reckless love causes your heart to beat faster, you become caught up in whatever chaos there is, and you believe and hope that it is all worth it, because well, this is the stuff true love stories are made of. Look at all the movies we watch. Most movies involve a love interest or relationship within the plot, no matter how ridiculous the pairing may seem. Love songs portray videos of “despite all odds” love, which usually involves some type of turmoil. Please note, that this is a fast range from cheating, not forgiving one another, trust issues, domestic abuse, commitment issue; pretty much anything that isn’t helping you grow or the relationship grow. Even in my younger relationships, if I was in love, I believed in that love and was ready to fight anyone who said we couldn’t be.

But age tends to wipe those foggy ass glasses we seem to be peering through.

Over time, if a tumultuous relationship isn’t getting better, or teaching you to want better or be better, then what exactly are you in the relationship for? When I ask people this question, whether they are in this situation or not, the answer is always the same: Love.

I admit, I’m at odds with it.  Maybe I’m selfish. But after these young blood relationships, I just want a bit of peace. I’m not saying things have to be perfect all the time, but if your partner is doing you wrong on a consistent basis, and you’re staying for love, then that’s not the kind of love I want in my life. In building a foundation with someone, peace has to be within it, or else how are you going to understand each other? How can you grow to the next stage when unresolved havoc is around? Give me a peaceful man, where we can fall in love quietly without all the extraness of turbulent love, and I’m good.

You have to go after what you want in this one life.


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